Cuban Sundays / Domingo Cubano

ariel garcia and lisa pidge at the laugh cellar

Ok so I want to thank the Laugh Cellar and specially Lisa Pidge for such an amazing Sunday. I really enjoy every bit of it, specially after being back from my home land and playing in front of a new crowd, which I may add, it’s my favorite thing to do, as I get to shine for them, well I try to shine every time I perform but there is something about playing in front of people that don’t have any idea of what to expect, and seeing their faces and how engaged they were, warm my heart. The whole show felt like the first time I performed live. I really enjoy teaching the whole place how to play the Cuban claves, which by the way the did an amazing job for being the first time.

Anyhow if you missed it that’s ok as I’ll be at The Laugh Cellar this coming Sunday Aug 13 from 12 to 2pm, come on down and spend and afternoon with me and my music and well food and drinks too. I hope some of you can make it. Did I mention that I have some new materials?….

See you Sunday!!!